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The Autumn has arrived...Summer zipped by!

Its almost the middle of September and 3 months since my last Blog! Not only is social media taking a bit of getting used to so is keeping my profile and journey updated! I'm sorry, I will try harder over the coming months.

The summer has been wonderful, as a family we didn't wander too far a field but thoroughly enjoyed showing off our beautiful coast and moors to family and friends. We spent so much time at the beach it was good for the soul to be outside in the warmth and enjoying the cooling water.

I had expected to be a little quieter, business wise, after reading about lots of colleagues experiences BUT much to my delight my little business has ticked over nicely with lots of new clients as well as returning friends and a sprinkling of holiday makers joining me for some relaxation. THANK YOU to all.

Reflexology is a great tool to use with people of all ages. This summer I have had the privilege of treating several young people over the course of the holidays, helping them with a range of conditions. I don't miss much about teaching - the long, unsociable hours, the vast quantities of often meaningless paperwork and even those 'long' holidays can all be forgotten about quite easily but the students and their families are quite different...I still miss working with them, seeing them learn, grow and mature into their best selves is simply the best. And so to introduce Reflexology, successfully help and work with the younger generation has been most fulfilling and an area I will be championing from now on.

And now, here is my second attempt at videoing myself....I still cant get used to it.

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