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What if I snore?

A blast from my past and something to make you smile!

When I settle my clients ready for a treatment, often under a cosy blanket the most common comment I hear is ' what if I snore?' And my simple answer is 'that's when I know I have done my job because you have really relaxed!'

When people come to me for Reflexology its because they need to have some time to themselves, whether that be to address a reoccurring symptom, to improve their feeling of well being or just take some time out from their busy lives. What ever the reason you decide to have Reflexology, relaxation is the key. When your body is relaxed is has a greater ability to recharge, rebalance and start to repair.

Relaxing looks different for everyone. Some like to sit quietly upright and watch the birds out of the window whilst others like to sit and chat often sharing worries and struggles in the knowledge that everything said is confidential. Some like to lay, snuggled up under a fleece or weighted blanket and will drift off into a meditative state or even a deep sleep.

What ever you feel comfortable doing is fine with me. My garden room is a peaceful and safe space for all my clients and you are most welcome to relax however you feel is best for you... snoring is most definitely allowed!


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