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A very warm welcome to ‘Reflective Feet Reflexology’ from me, Chris Williams.  I look forward to meeting you and offering you the chance to take some time out for yourself.

Before becoming a reflexologist, I had an amazing 25 years teaching Primary children across Yorkshire and North Devon. As I progressed through my career I found that my work life balance was not healthy for me but especially for my family whom I rarely saw during term time.  During the pandemic I made the life changing decision to leave the profession I loved and retrain in Reflexology – a profession that still enables me to work with people and help them as I have been helped by this amazing therapy.

Life is often fast paced and exhausting! My aim is to provide an opportunity for clients to take some time out for themselves, whether it be to simply relax and switch off or enjoy a treatment to help manage stress, fatigue or anxiety, manage pain or cope with one of life’s trickier events.  I am of the mind that I treat what I find and if this takes a little longer than the hours appointment then so be it. (As long as you are not in a rush!)


Everyone is welcome at Reflective Feet – Reflexology can benefit absolutely everyone in some way. 


I have a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology after completing the SEG award, with the Devon School of Reflexology, an AoR accredited centre.  This course includes an in depth study of physiology and anatomy and  is recognised by the Association of Reflexologists, of which I am a member and abide by their strict Code of Practice.  


I am fully insured by the Alan Boswell Group, through the AoR.  


The AoR is the foremost independent professional Association for Reflexology in the UK since 1984, working with other external bodies to promote the highest standards in the profession.  

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I hold a current Enhanced DBS certificate. 

Why Reflective Feet?

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No, your feet wont glow in the dark after a treatment! As some of my clients like to tease me!!

Reflexology uses the principle that the whole body is mapped out, most commonly, on the soles of your feet or palms of your hands.  They are mirrors of the body - reflections of all the systems in the human body.


Using foot, hand and face maps, Reflexologists are able to apply pressure and massage to specific areas of the sole or palm that have a direct correlation and effect on a specific part of the body.

During treatments the goal is to relax and return the body to a state of homeostasis or balance, so that it is able to heal itself. 

Why Reflective Feet

Who is Reflexology for?

Who is Reflexology for?


Reflexology is for Everyone!  From babies to end of life care, teenagers to adulthood and every stage in between.


Reflexology provides a hands on, non evasive, alternative therapy that can calm, re-balance or stimulate the reflexes according to the individual needs of the client. 

My Clients come for treatments for many reasons, some simply want to relax and rebalance themselves whilst others have a specific area or condition that they want to address such as the sore backs, sciatic pain, menopausal or menstrual symptoms, digestive issues and lack of sleep. I love to work with my clients to see what their feet can tell me  - Reflexologists treat the person not the condition.


There are occasions that reflexology might not be appropriate and this can be determined in the initial contact with your therapist.


Reflexologists, can not diagnose or claim to cure clients they simply activate the healing powers of ones body.

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'I feel like I am walking on air after a treatment with Chris!  It's a wonderful feeling, I can dance around again.'

I became so relaxed...

I nodded off!

Chris is so easy to talk to she put me at ease straight away.  The treatment was so relaxing!

The History behind Reflexology

From texts, illustrations and artifacts of ancient civilizations from across the globe, we know that many early communities worked on the feet to promote good health.


Modern Reflexology,  uses the same principle as its origins, that there are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the hands and feet that correspond to all major organs and body systems.

Today we use the teachings of Eunice Ingham, an American Physiotherapist, who in the 1930's developed the foot map and established the theory of crystal deposits. Today her foot map helps us to locate reflexes that we manipulate through massage and alternating or continual pressure using our thumbs, fingers and knuckles.

Reflexology came to the United Kingdom in 1966 when Doreen Bayley returned home having trained with Ingham and has grown in reputation ever since.

Today Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy for many who seek well being in a non evasive, hands on approach.

History of Reflexology

What conditions can benefit from Reflexology?

Conditions that benefit from Reflexology

There are a range of conditions and symptoms that can be helped from having Reflexology.

An individual treatment plan can be drawn up by the therapist to best suit your needs. 


Research studies in the U.S. and around the world indicate possible benefits of reflexology

are to:

- helps relaxation

- encourages the body to heal

- releases tension and encourage stress relief

- improves the immune system

- helps with seasonal allergies

- encourages better circulation

- improves bowel movement

- helps the body eliminate waste, by clearing it of toxins

- improves nerve stimulation

- relieves pain

- improves sleep

- supports during menopause

- enhances your mood

- balances hormones

- increases the feeling of well being

There are many more conditions and symptoms that people find Reflexology help with but without verified research we are unable to advertise any benefits that might occur from the treatments.


Often it is through word of mouth that clients hear of the possibilities of this amazing therapy.  Why not give it a go?

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How effective is Reflexology?

over and above.jpg

Click here to read more about research behind the effectiveness of |Reflexology 


Reflexology does not replace allopathic medicine or standard medical treatment but works alongside it.

Reflexologists do not claim to  diagnose, cure or prescribe, however, we endeavour to work with clients to alleviate symptoms helping the body to reach a state of natural balance so that it may heal.

Many medical institutions, including the 'Over and Above - Fern Centre' at North Devon District hospital, are now adopting reflexology into their care programs, for example, 80% of palliative care units now employ their own reflexologist.


Due to a change in advertising standards even the most well trained and experienced reflexologist cannot use medical terminology to explain the effectiveness of treatments or the benefits it may bring.  However, I have seen the true benefits of Reflexology to a wide number of clients with different symptoms and conditions - I can't recommend it highly enough.

If you are unsure or sceptical why not give it a try? Reflexology will not do any damage or aggravate symptoms further.


How effective is Reflexology


Treatments take place in a private, calm and relaxing, garden treatment room or if you are more comfortable in your own surroundings I am happy to come to you, with my mobile reclining chair.

Before clients receive their first treatment I like to have a brief and confidential consultation with them to  gather their health and medical history and to identify how I can best help them and what they want to achieve from the sessions. 

I also need to establish that the client has no total contraindications (health restrictions) that prevent me with working with them.

Reflexology sessions typically take an hour.  Either on  a massage table or a reclining chair, which ever you are most comfortable on. Socks and shoes need to be removed to enable the treatment to take place but if you are particularly sensitive adjustments can be made. I use reflexology, aromatherapy balms to relax the feet or hands and then work the reflexes with a combination of massage and application of pressure. At the end of the session clients can rest for a while until ready to get back on their feet and discuss the treatment.

One off treatments are a real relaxing treat but to get the best results regular treatments are recommended for a period of time.  These can range from 4 to 10 weekly sessions or even once a month.

My treatment room in fully accessible for wheelchair users.

'If you're feeling out of kilter,

don't know why or what about,

let your feet reveal the answer,

find the sore spot and work it out.'

Eunice Ingham - The mother of modern Reflexology


RLD - Reflexology Lymph Drainage 


RLD is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay, whilst working in Cancer Care. The results appear to support the theory of reflexology. 

Whilst the clinical study focuses on ladies who have Lymphoedema as a result of having treatment for Breast Cancer, as with MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage), RLD can be used to treat conditions other than Lymphoedema.

'A wonderful experience, relaxing, calming and reparative. It has helped with plantar fasciitis and lymphoedema, I would highly recommend Chris to anyone struggling with physical or mental health issues'. 2022


After training with Sally in 2022 I can say, with hand on my heart, that this technique is wonderful! I have seen lasting effects, first hand, in my clients who have Lymphoedema as a result of treatment for a variety of Cancers.  I have also used this technique with clients who have Fibromyalgia and for whom traditional Reflexology routines do not have the desired result and with clients whose ankles swell seasonally or because of weight related issues. In all cases I  have seen positive results that enable the person to relax comfortably, reduce pain for some time after the treatment and relieve them of the heavy, tight feeling of swollen limbs whilst reducing the amount of fluid they hold around their ankles.

As with all treatments I give, clients are welcome to come to me, in the comfort of my garden room, or I can do home visits for a small addition charge.  I make every effort to ensure that the experience of receiving RLD is as relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable for each and every one of my clients and by working together I am confident in finding a tailor made routine to suit each individual.

If you would like to find out more or would like to discuss the possibility of booking a session, please do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email.

Reflexology for Children and Young People...

Reflexology for Children

A  big part of the reason I decided to retrain as a Reflexologist was to help my own children with their anxiety and hyperactivity. It also gives them time, just for them with undivided attention, which for children and young people who live in a fast paced, competitive and academic world, is priceless.

Our children's physical, mental and emotional health are put under vast amounts of strain every day and even more so during lockdown and as we learn to reintegrate back into a life with Covid.  In schools and at home we are seeing various manifestations of the recent pressures, such as anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, low self esteem, inability to sleep, digestive issues, headaches and anger.

When a child becomes stressed their adrenal glands produce hormones such adrenaline and noradrenaline putting your child's body into a state of fight or flight.  This is fine in short bursts but when in a constant state it can be detrimental non essential systems within the body such as digestive (metabolism), endocrine (hormones and sleep), reproductive and immune systems. This in turn triggers imbalanced responses such as increased anxiety, poor sleep patterns, tired and irritable moods, headaches, low self esteem and confidence.

Reflexology is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and this applies to children as well as adults. Using regular sessions of reflexology can calm your child's sympathetic nervous system, therefore reducing their anxiety levels. It also benefits their parasympathetic nervous system boosting the their digestive and  immune systems as well as balancing hormones - which ultimately helps them to become more balanced, enabling them to better face the pressures of the modern world.


What happens during a treatment? 


Before the initial treatment I will contact you to complete a consultation form and have an informal discussion about what you would like your child to get out of the sessions.  This is also a chance for you and your child to ask any questions you may have.  

For Young People

Each treatment lasts 45 minutes on a comfortable couch or relaxing recliner under a soft  blanket and will begin with some gentle massage. Therapeutic music can be played but if I am happy to work with each individual and change what they listen to throughout the session, for some this might be a chance for them to just be quiet with their own thoughts.  I will work on both feet, which takes 45 minutes. However, each child is different and I work with the individuals own tolerances, listening to and watching their responses as I work, to ensure that it is a positive experience for them.  Some may fall asleep whilst others become animated and enjoy conversations, both of which are just fine, it is their time to get my full attention and know that I am helping to look after their well being.

For Babies and Young children

I very much work with the individual child and often involve the parent until I have built a trusting relationship with them.  Treatments are not as long and can be anything from 10 to 40 minutes. I try to incorporate some play into the time and have a selection of toys and books that can be used whilst I work on their feet.  However, more often than not they are curious as to what I am doing!

During each session a parent will need to be present giving you some time to sit back and relax in my cosy treatment room to read, have a warm drink or even close your eyes! 

Parent and Baby session available too!


I hold a current Enhanced DBS certificate. 

I have trained with Golden Egg Holistic specifically for this age group




If you would like to book in for a Reflexology treatment or would like to have an informal chat to see if Reflexology is for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

I work most days during school hours and some evenings. If I don't pick up or respond immediately I am most likely with a client but I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher please give me a call or drop me an email with your contact details and I will get back to you.


tel: 07709337039

For Big Feet...
(16  to 116 years old!)

First treatment: 15 minute consultation followed by 1hour  treatment £40

Subsequent 1 hour treatments: £40

Mobile 1 hour treatments  will be charged £45 

For little feet...
(Children and Young people up to 15 years old)

10 minute treatment £10
20 -30 minute treatment £20
45  minute treatment £35

For a combined parent and baby session

Parent - 50 minutes

Baby - 10 minutes



Please be advised that cancellations made up to 48 hours before a scheduled appointment via email, text or phone call will be processed without charge. Cancellations made 48 hours or less before an appointment will be subject to a charge of half the treatment cost.

Gift Vouchers

For those you love and want to treat, vouchers are an ideal and thoughtful gift. 


From Christmas and Birthdays, Thank you gifts and Thinking of you gestures to Anniversaries and Congratulations or maybe they need a little encouragement to put themselves first and manage their own well-being rather than everyone else's for a change.

Vouchers are available for all celebrations in multiples of £5 - so no matter what you want to spend, you can give a thoughtful gift.

If you would like to purchase a voucher please contact me. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

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Appointments and Prices
People with Masks

Covid 19 Secure

I want everyone to feel safe and relaxed when they come for a treatment.  Therefore the following precautions will be taken:

  • Clients can request for masks to be worn by both parties

  • My hands will be washed before and after the treatment

  • Fresh uniforms will be worn

  • Fresh towels and linen will be used for each client

  • The treatment room will be cleaned in between clients with a minimum of 15 minutes allowed between each client.​

  • My treatment room will be well ventilated.


If you are feeling unwell or have come into contact with the virus please cancel your appointment.​

Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your whole body

Reflexology Association of Canada

Common Questions

Common Questions

Do I need to take my shoes and socks off?

If you are receiving a foot treatment then you will need to remove your socks and shoes whilst reclining on the couch and covered by a cosy blanket.

Do I need to wash my feet before I come for a treatment?

This is entirely up to up to you.  I do use hot towels and warm aromatherapy scented flannels to cleanse your feet before starting a treatment.  So please don't worry if you are coming straight from work or a prior engagement.

Will the treatment be painful?

Reflexology is a highly relaxing therapy that helps your body to re balance.  However, if there are areas of your feet that are congested and unbalanced you may feel some discomfort as I work, this generally doesn't take long to subside and I will communicate with you during these times to ensure you are happy to continue or if you would like me to move on.

How can I expect to feel afterwards?

Everyone reacts slightly differently.  Some people feel incredibly relaxed, even a little sleepy whilst others are energised and and feel ready to face the world. 


Depending on your state of health you may experience a 'healing response'. A healing response may be unpleasant or uncomfortable but it is positive process as your body undergoes changes as it works towards healing.  

Healing responses could be: Feeling tired, achy, emotional or energised, you may notice changes in your digestion or sleep patterns. Healing responses don't generally last long.

What should I do after a treatment?

The most important thing is to drink plenty of water, herbal teas or fresh juices.  It is vital for you to stay well hydrated as it will help the healing response and flush out any toxins.  Try to eat fresh foods and take it steady after a treatment, its not advisable to start rushing around again straight after a session or take part in energetic exercise.  Please avoid caffeine or alcohol immediately after Reflexology.

If you feel your emotions rising try to give yourself the time and space you need to work with them - maybe reflect upon where they come from and a positive way forward.  Bottling them up and shutting them away is not the answer.

Remember Reflexology is a good tool for self care - take some time to just be following a treatment.

How many treatments will I need?


A single treatment is a lovely treat for anyone.  Taking time out for yourself is a really important part of looking after yourself.

Most commonly, conditions will see a positive difference within a minimum of 4 sessions. However, some conditions that you have had for longer periods of time may need a more intensive set of treatments over a longer period of time. 

I will discuss how many treatment you are likely to need with you during your consultation and we will review it at the end of each treatment.

I have health insurance can I use this for Reflexology?

There are some providers that include Reflexology in there policies so please check your individual policy.  I am happy to work with insurance companies.

What are your business policies for good practice, GDPR, appointments, fees, cancellations, Gift vouchers 

Please click on the buttons below to see my policy documents.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I am happy to discuss the policy with you.

Feed Back

Its always lovely and useful to receive feed back from your treatment experiences, please leave your feedback either on Google reviews or on my Facebook page

... or even both!

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Thank you

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