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A step into the 21st Century...well dipping my toes!

So I've been up and running for six weeks and I am loving my new job! I haven't felt this happy and relaxed for years. I've met and worked with lots of lovely clients from all walks of life and of all sorts of ages, some of whom have become regulars. Last week it was lovely to do a parent child treatment for a family I knew in my previous role as a teacher - it was SO lovely to reconnect and catch up whilst giving them a treatment each.

Within those 6 weeks I have realised the power of social media.

What?! I hear you say.

Well I have successfully avoided social media for years, not engaging with any platforms and living a life of blissful ignorance! That decision has now come to bite me on my gluteus maximus and I am now on a very steep, sometimes uncomfortable and unfathomable learning curve! I completed 2 hours of training last week with 'Cosmic' and a lovely guy called Adrian, who was very patient with me, as he taught me the basics of FB and Instagram and I mean the BASICS!

As many of you know I'm not one for having photos taken and so Adrian's suggestion, well... instruction, that I needed to get filming and posting it on social media filled me with absolute horror and an expletive even popped out uncontrollably! I digested this request for a while and then took the plunge whilst I had the house to myself. My first video, started and deleted many times before the final take, is about seasonal allergies. I can just about watch it and my husband didn't laugh too much! So here it is...

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